Friday, February 28, 2014

And so it goes!

Welcome one and all to the Modify This Hunt!!!

The hunt doesn't officially start until the 1st of March but here are the hints ahead of time!

#1 - Untamed Designs
Some tribes pierce with fish bones.
Plant your love in my heart and it'll bloom!

#3 - Sour Pickles
Such a rebel!
#4 - Razor ///
#5 - Nerd Monkey

#6 - Etched Body Art Tattoos
It's coming soon to the rock.
#7 - MC Fashion

#8 - Oooo LaLa Designs
I just love to window shop and browse around!

#9 - Taylor Made

#10 - Indigo Oddities

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Modify This Hunt Announcement

Current Theme: Body Modifications
Theme Meaning: Anything to do with body modification. Tattoos, Piercings, Scarification, Implants, etc.

Hunt Dates: March 1st to April 5th
App Deadline: February 1st

1) All items must be original. Copybotted or stolen items will cause you to be banned from the events for life.

2) The hunt gift must be something NEW and/or REVISED. (Items can be sold AFTER the event is over for full price)

3) You must be ready on the dry run days and the actual start day or your store will be skipped or replaced. No exceptions.

4) Our hunt list is first come, first serve. We DO NOT hold places for anyone. We DO however have a waiting list..


6) NO MARKET STALLS! (Exception is if your main store is linked to other main stores on a sim)

7) Your item must fit the theme of the current event or you will be asked to replace it. All items will be approved ahead of time.

8) Unisex items are preferred or you can do two items, one for males and one for females.

9) I will no longer spend all my time attempting to track you down. If I tp to your location and you are not there, you will be dropped. If you move please send a notecard with updated info. DO NOT JUST SEND AN LM. MY INVENTORY EATS THINGS!

10) I will provide the following: Hunt Sign, Hunt Sign with Hint Giver, Hint Giver, Hunt Sign Texture, Hunt Object, Hunt Decoys (Optional use) and instructions on how to set things up.

Store Name:

Merchant Name:

Secondary Contact Name:



Possible Gift:

Please return all apps to LuckyJade Alter. Thank you!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Today marks a milestone!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to show off a little!

20 Years of Jack has been featured on Happy Huntings!!! YAY!!!

For those of you that don't know Happy Huntings is a live (well not just a blog I mean) show that features different hunts every month. It's not a site you can pay to get featured or ask to be featured...THEY pick the hunts based on prizes. (least that's how I understand it..)

SO. That being said.


We're in at just before 12 minutes. Totally worth checking out to see the other hunts too.

Thank you everyone (Vendors and Hunters) for being a part of this!!!

~Lucky & Lavy

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It could be worse!!


The next time I hear someone complain about decoys...I'm letting the merchants get away with stuff like this:

For those of you that don't know this is from the POE (Peace on Earth) Hunt. Their hunt object is the earth with a dove.

Keep this is mind.

That is all!

Know of other awesome decoys? Let me know so I can add to this!

Friday, November 29, 2013

20 Years of Jack Prizes!!!

Here are a few of the prizes from this hunt!

Don't miss out on the music it plays!!!

20 Years of Jack Hints

The hunt doesn't officially start until the 1st of December but here are the hints ahead of time!

#1 - ~*Moolala*~
Not sure I want milk from that cow...
#2 - {REVERIE}
The ravens are guarding Jack's secret.

#3 - Nightmare Design
Zero, Here Boy!
#4 - Image Reflections
Look For The Orange & Black PussyCat!
I think Jack would like this carousel (up, up up!)

#6 - DoggMata
As Jack discovered Christmas, Lighting the way was all types of lamps!
#7 - ::blah.BLAH.blah::
I'm a Jack the Groupie 'joiner'
#8 - Tres Belle Boutique
Some people certainly like the spotlight!

#9 - [[[[NOISE]]]] House of the Obscene
Jack makes my head spin!

#10 - ~JD~ Mechanical Toy Factory

#11 - Untamed Designs
What's This? What's This? There's Color Everywhere. What's This? There's White things in the air...

#12 - The :Madness: Within
Not your typical Christmas Tree

#13 - DBT Double Trouble
Maybe I left it downstairs?

#14 - WCI
Imagine if it fell on your head!

#15 - D&G Fashions
Take a step in the right direction.